Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is at 254 Ponsonby Road at the moment?

Currently, the site is leased to Lion Breweries who operate the Liquor King store. 

2. What is the history of the site?

The original purchase was made for Queen Victoria in 1841. Ponsonby was known as ‘Dedwood’ by Europeans, until 1870 and became known as ‘Ponsonby’ from 1873.

In 1886 the building of a new Catholic church named Sacred Heart was begun on the site at 254 Ponsonby Road and completed in 1887.

In 2006, the Auckland City Council purchased the site for civic open space. 

3. What is the timeline for the development?

The detailed scoping work of the design and budget, known as the ‘Business Case”, for LandLAB’s Park+ concept design, commenced in September 2019 and has been approved by the Waitemata Local Board. Work was anticipated to start on-site in July 2020, however this has been temporarily delayed due to Covid-19.

The Waitemata Local Board is advocating for a delay of no more than one year – as is the CLD group on behalf of the community and the local businesses.

4. Who is involved?

Auckland Council owns the land.

The Waitemata Local Board initiated the project and boldly chose to use a ‘Community-Led Design’ (CLD) process.

Several public consultations were organised and run by the volunteer CLD group. This produced a clear preference for;

  • the LandLAB Park+ concept design
  • a whole site civic open space (and this was UNANIMOUSLY supported by Council in December 2018)

The Waitemata Local Board has advocated for funding for the development of the civic open space – aka Ponsonby Park – by selecting the project as their ‘One Local Initiative’.

Funding is in place and the Business Case has been approved by the Waitemata Local Board. It was on the agenda of the Council “Finance and Performance’ Committee for approval when Covid-19 hit and consequently the development has been tempoarily delayed..

5. What is ‘Community-led Design’?

Community-led design (CLD) is a process whereby a project is undertaken by a community group or organisation. It is a ‘from the bottom UP’, rather than a ‘from the top DOWN’ process.

It involves local people in decision-making that is informed by an ongoing process of community consultation throughout the project.

6. How did it happen?

The Waitemata Local Board selected people from a variety of groups to initiate the whole site civic open space – aka Ponsonby Park -objective. Initial planning for the Community-led design process led to a public meeting being held where interested people joined either the Facilitation Group or became Communications Networkers.

7. Can I be involved?

Anyone passionate about creating for the whole site civic open space  through the community-led design process, is welcome.

Contact us on: info@254ponsonbyrd.org.nz

Visit our website: http://www.254ponsonbyrd.org.nz/

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