An exhibition of the Auckland University School of Architecture student’s work for 254 Ponsonby Park

On Saturday, November 5th we held an exhibition of Auckland University’s School of Architecture student’s work. The community was invited to come along and give feedback and to discuss further the development of the site into an urban park for Ponsonby. We had a great day with a large number of people viewing the exhibition and a great deal of feedback. We are feeling invigorated and uplifted by the support and encouragement people have given us and to the Community-led design process we are undertaking.

We would like to thank Dr Amanda Hyde de Kretser for choosing our Community-led design project for her student’s work. We would also like to thank the wonderful students themselves; Philip, Stefi, Reagan, Emily, Amy, Laura, Matthew and Vanessa, for their bold ideas and thoughtful work. It was great to have all of our minds opened and to expand our considerations through their design concepts.

The Community-led design process that the Waitemata Local Board has boldly chosen for this site is both challenging and demanding. It is also incredibly rewarding and this was evident to everyone who attended and took part in the exhibition. Our work now continues as we progress towards our objective of designing and budgeting the whole of the site open space that will be Ponsonby Park; a vibrant, urban community space to invigorate and enhance our community.

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See photos of the designs here

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