Ponsonby News – February 2020 Update

Happy 2020 Everyone.

2020 the year when Ponsonby Park (aka the whole site civic open space at 254 Ponsonby Road) finally begins to be realised with on-site work scheduled to begin this July. It is said that “good things take time” and if time is the measure, then Ponsonby Park is going to be magnificent.

At the end of last year, the Community-led Design (CLD) group held a ‘final consultation’. This was needed as work on the detailed business case had revealed significant issues with the existing building and canopy structure that impacted the budget. Consequently, community input was required to determine the preferred way to proceed. This is at the very heart of any CLD project, as it is the community that directs and drives outcomes.

The consultation ran for 9 days and 3 options were presented for consideration;

Option 1 – Re-mediate + Retain
Option 2 – Re-mediate + Adapt
Option 3 – New Build

For more information about each option please see our post – The 3 options provided for consultation in the Final Survey (conducted late 2019) – detailed information.     

The LandLAB image of Option 3 – New Build, shows the slightly smaller building and canopy areas, and the subsequent larger uncovered space for events and activities.

The Project Control Steering Group (PCSG) presented a full update to the Waitematā local board (WLB) at a workshop held in mid-December 2019, where the three design options and the results of the CLD consultation were tabled. The WLB was supportive of the consultation process and outcome and the PCSG is now progressing the business case on the basis of Option 3 – New build.

The business case is currently being finalised by the project team. At the time of writing, they are scheduled to present their draft findings to the PCSG and the WLB at workshops in late January 2020.

So what happens next, you eagerly ask?

The current indicative timeline is;

• Late January 2020 PCSG and WLB workshops to present business case findings.

• February 2020, subject to the workshop outcomes a ‘formal report’ will be taken to the WLB.

• In either April or May 2020, subject to approval from the WLB, a ‘formal report’ will be taken to the Finance and Performance Committee, to seek approval for the remaining funding.

• June 2020, subject to funding approval, preliminary design and consent processes will commence.

2020, is the year that Ponsonby Park will be realised. The beautiful LandLAB Park+ design, now with a smaller and sustainably designed new build, along with all the other features and attributes of the original concept design is happening – brilliant.

2020 Ponsonby Park – bring it on!

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