Ponsonby Civic space – April update

Ponsonby Civic space – April update

The enabling work is well underway for the development of the site at 254 Ponsonby Road (next door to Dizengoff Cafe) from being a liquor outlet to becoming a beautiful civic space for everyone to access and enjoy. 

At the time of writing, the main focus of the Community-Led Design group (CLDG) is the activation of the soon-to-be-erected site hoarding, via a temporary artwork. Our Colab with ’Places for Good’ where Boopsie Maran has worked in conjunction with three local schools; Ponsonby Primary School – Te Kura O Te Rimu Tahi, Ponsonby Intermediate School, and St Mary’s College, has informed a magnificent artwork, created by Ross Liew working under his artist name, Oscar Low.

The artwork was developed in response to ideas collected and nominated by pupils of the schools. It features the use of native plants, pollinating insects, and vegetables, creating an abstract composition that spans the 30-metre length of the hoarding. Students will reconnect with the mural through facilitated workshops that explore the imagery and design, as well as the techniques used in making the final artwork, and by creating personal artwork, and collaborative work in the schools. 

All things going to plan, the mural may be completed on-site by the time this update goes to publication. EXCITING!

Another focus of the CLDG has been the time restrictions for and the placement of the new car-parking spaces enabled by the civic space development. With O’Neill Street being a quiet, one-way, and extremely narrow residential street, the preference of the CLDG is to have short-term car parks located on Ponsonby Road. This would ensure access for deliveries, and spontaneous purchases, as well as easy and accessible drop-off spaces for activation events at the new civic space. It avoids requiring all the short-term parking users to travel down the narrow, residential O’Neill Street. The short-term parking being sited on Ponsonby Road is a logical and safe option. The car parking on O’Neill Street can then be available for longer-term parking. This would reduce unnecessary through traffic down O’Neill Street whilst not reducing any parking amenities. 
LOVELY! A win-win solution.

And it is with great delight that the CLDG can advise that mana whenua will bless the site with karakia before the start of the civic space construction. Thus far, the work undertaken on-site has been ‘enabling work’ in preparation for the main works to start.

We are finally – happily – almost ready to start the construction of the new civic space!

For more information or to contact the CLDG visit the website; 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz or see our Facebook pages; Ponsonby Park, or 254 Ponsonby Road.

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