Ponsonby Civic Space – October Update

WOW! So much clever, informed, and well-thought-out (did we mention uplifting?) design work is being realised by LandLAB design studio. They are evolving the concept design through to the preliminary design for the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road. Mana Whenua and the design group have met regularly to inform this workstream, with all parties being energised and enthused by the design work’s progression. 

The Community-Led Design Group (CLDG) continues to represent all who those took part in the long process that has brought us to this point. We are delighted with the progress being made. Needless to say, we can barely wait to show everyone the new, developing work. However, we are embargoed from doing so until next month after the Waitematā Local Board Business Meeting on the 17th of October, where the resolution to proceed is scheduled to be made. So, for now, be assured that the project is in safe hands and be excited, because the new Civic Space at 254 Ponsonby Road is going to be magnificent. BRAVO!

The evolution of the design thus far has resulted in six complementary, yet distinct areas. 

These are;

  • the street interface
  • the open-air canopy ‘room’
  • the urban plaza
  • the activation zone
  • the green discovery ‘room’ and
  • the garden ‘room’

The Ponsonby Civic Space design group understands the impact of this development will be far-reaching. That it will enhance not only the lives of people here now but also those of future generations to follow. It will be a place for people and families. Where relationships can be built and strengthened through coming together. Where the environmental enhancement of the site will form part of a thriving ecological network adding biodiversity to the area whilst mitigating the impacts of climate change. 

With the full and ring-fenced budget for phase one of the development available now, it is good to see the Waitematā Local Board supporting this much-needed and desired civic amenity. We are all well aware that any delays will only lead to the erosion of the Endowment funds assigned to the project.

Next month we expect the new preliminary designs will be revealed. In the meantime, the design work is progressing exceptionally well.

So bring on the Ponsonby Civic Space and keep watching for updates!

For further information, or to view the archives of the Community-Led Design Group process that resulted in the international award-winning Concept Design by LandLAB, please visit our website 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz, And our Facebook pages; 254 Ponsonby Road, or Ponsonby Park.

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