Ponsonby News – March 2020 Update

Ponsonby Park, the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road, is progressing smoothly through the ‘One Local Initiative’ Council process. On February 18th, the Waitematā Local Board formally received (Agenda item 13), the Ponsonby Park Detailed Business Case and Concept Design.

This was presented to seek endorsement and approval from the Waitematā Local Board to progress a funding request to the Finance and Performance Committee for $5.5 million to enable the development of the full site at 254 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.

The preferred development includes:
· the Park (a grassed lawn and gardens, 1410 m2)
· the Pavilion (outdoor sheltered area, 222 m2)
· the Plaza and lane (outdoor paved area, 807 m2)
· O’Neill Street upgrade (734 m2)
· refurbished building (190 m2 including a 130m2 retail / commercial space)
· public toilet block (60 m2)
· refurbished lighthouse (1st storey structure, 120 m2)

We are delighted the Waitematā Local Board voted unanimously to approve and endorse the business case for Ponsonby Park.

The next key dates on the indicative Ponsonby Park timeline are;

• April/May 2020, the ‘formal report’ will be taken to the Finance and Performance Committee, to seek approval for funding from the One Local Initiative, 10 Year Programme fund.

• June 2020, subject to funding approval, preliminary design and consent processes will commence.

• Late 2020 Procurement and possible start of site works.

We now look forward to attending the Finance and Performance Committee meeting soon.

Ponsonby Park – bringing it home for everyone!

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