Ponsonby Park – April Update

By the time you read this update, Council’s consultation for the 2022-2023 budget will have been completed. But we already have some good news!

The (volunteer) Community-led Design group is delighted Council has committed to;
“… start progressing stage one at 254 Ponsonby Road. This will include budget for detailed design and community engagement in 2022/2023 being made available two years earlier than previously communicated, followed by consent and construction from 2023/2024 onwards.”

This is great news for the community that has shown significant and sustained engagement for the new civic space. It was back in 2017, through a physical and online virtual exhibition, that the LandLAB Park+ concept design was chosen for the development.

The Park+ design for Ponsonby Park will be an urban oasis that will be good for the people, good for the environment, and good for Auckland.
It will;
– be an urban space for events, the Arts, relaxation, and building connections with people
– protect our harbours by treating and mitigating stormwater run-off
– be an exemplar of sustainable development that includes rain gardens, green walls, and a green roof. This will encourage inner-city bio-diversity and become part of the pollinator pathway network
– mitigate the impacts of climate change by providing shade and carbon sequestration.

It will also be;
– a place for Matariki, Diwali, and other cultural celebrations & festivals
– a place for our hospitality and retail workforce to enjoy a break or to have their lunch
– a place for local and international tourists to pause and recharge before experiencing more of what Ponsonby has to offer
– a place for a farmers’ or artists’ market
– a place to learn to ride a bike, to get married, to rest and relax, or to be energised and entertained.

In short, it will be a place of diversity and inclusion, where EVERYONE is welcome.

The development of Ponsonby Park, the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road, will be underway from 1 July 2022. This is now only 3 months away. The CLD group looks forward to continuing our work by being part of the realisation of Stage One of the development.

Ponsonby Park – Bring it on!

For further information please see our website: 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz

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