Ponsonby News – November Update

Ponsonby Park Update – November 2019

“I imagine a space… vibrant, urban, all-weather, and accessible to everyone. Locals and visitors will know it’s here. They will see the space and be drawn to it. Overall, it will be a magnificent open space, a community hub with a full programme of events – from art installations to a regular and authentic farmer’s market – and it will intensify the diverse and inclusive community, that Ponsonby is deservedly proud to be.”
So said Chris Bailey, Chair of the Community-led Design (CLD) volunteer group in November 2016, about our vision for the development of the whole site, civic open space at 254 Ponsonby Road – aka Ponsonby Park.

The CLD process initiated by the Waitematā Local Board (WLB), advanced and actioned the concept of empowering the community to drive the development of the civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road.
Throughout the process, the community consistently told us what they wanted and needed from the new civic space.

Graph: Percentage of respondents requesting specific outcomes.

We are nearing the start of work on-site to develop Ponsonby Park and the business case is well underway. As with all design projects, there will be decisions that need to be made as the process progresses. When necessary, these decisions will be taken back to you, the community, for consideration and feedback. We will try to do this through online options, due to the time constraints of the decision-making process. (We will most likely only have a week to do each necessary consultation). We will keep giving the option for additional comments in our consultation process – in order to capture all feedback. And we will keep referring back to the above desideratum, to guide the decision-making process.

So keep a lookout for consultation announcements via;

  • our Facebook pages, Ponsonby Park and 254 Ponsonbyrd
  • our website 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz
  • notification on our Ponsonby Park noticeboard, that is on-site next to Dizengoff café by the bus stop
  • the Neighbourly.co.nz noticeboard
  • plus we will send out an email notification to all of those already on our extensive digital database

It is the intention of our CLD group, to keep the community involved and their voices heard through-out the process of realising Ponsonby Park.

And while we are here, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all elected members of the WLB, both returning and new. We look forward to continuing our productive and supportive relationship with you all as Ponsonby Park is brought to fruition.

Our congratulations also to Pippa Coom, our new Waitematā Ward Councillor. Thank you for all of your work to date and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with you as we near the start-of-work date of July 2020.

Finally, to outgoing Waitematā Ward Councillor Mike Lee, our thanks for all your support and involvement with Ponsonby Park over the past 6 years.

Ponsonby Park – it’s happening, with only 8 months to go before work is scheduled to begin on-site. Exciting!

(Page 34 of the November 2019 issue of Ponsonby News).

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