Ponsonby News – September 2019 Update

Ponsonby Park – September Update

WOW, WOW and WOW – this is the BEST news for Ponsonby Park!

On Tuesday 20th August the Auckland Council’s Finance and Performance committee met and passed a resolution for:
“The allocation of up to $5.5 million of the proceeds of sale from 200 Victoria Street West to the proposed development of a civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, which is the Waitematā Local Board’s One Local Initiative”.

This is great news for Ponsonby Park. This substantial new and additional funding, to that already earmarked in the Long Term Plan, will make it possible to complete Stage one and Stage two together once the Business Plan has been approved by Council.

This is a game-changer for the community. Removing the financial necessity to complete the development in two separate stages will provide economies of scale that will hugely enhance the budgetary spend. Logistically it makes sense too, as there will no longer be the need to undo work already completed in Stage one to progress Stage two. And most importantly, it will bring the long 13-year wait for the development of Ponsonby Park to an end.

Work on the Business Case for Ponsonby Park is already underway.

In early August the Community-led design (CLD) group met with key personnel from the Project delivery team and members of the Waitematā Local Board. At this meeting, the Scope of Work and Project Stages were outlined as was the approach being taken. The detailed Business Case and Indicative Timelines were also discussed. Next, elements of the LandLAB design were reviewed.

Finally, the concept and role of the Project Control Steering Group (PCSG) were introduced. The PCSG is an exciting new governance model that is being trialed for the realisation of Ponsonby Park. It follows on from our CLD work and keeps the community at the table throughout the process.

  • Discuss key issues and potential delivery risks
  • Provide guidance for key decision making
  • Support the project delivery team
  • Provide communication channels to stakeholders
  • Provide quality advice for the WLB’s decision making process

Essentially ownership of the project is retained by the WLB but the PCSG will:

We are delighted to have been invited to be part of the PCSG and our representative is Mr. Chris Bailey.

We would like to thank the Waitematā Local Board for selecting Ponsonby Park as their One Local Initiative and advocating strongly for the project.
We would also like to thank Auckland Council for the opportunity to be part of the PCSG. And we are delighted, and very appreciative, that the Governing body saw the value of allocating the additional funds to create Ponsonby Park as a single-stage project.

We are excited and energized to be contributing to the actualisation of Ponsonby Park and even more so now the on-site work will be completed all at once. As always, we will keep you informed with regular updates through our established communication channels (thank you Martin) and some in-person community events.

Our last event was held on Saturday 17th August. It was a great day with lots of excited and happy people pleased to hear that the start of physical work on-site is less than one year away.

Ponsonby Park – it’s happening!

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