The chosen design for Ponsonby Park is…

Geoff Houtman, Tracy from Motu Design and Henry and Zac from LandLAB.

On Saturday 25th March we announced the chosen design for Ponsonby Park. With well over 1200 votes received, there is a huge amount of community engagement in our Community-led design process. It was a pleasure to have Pippa Coom, Chair of our Waitemata Local Board speak about this bold CLD initiative and to then have Councilor Mike Lee announce the results for us. We thank them both for their on-going support.

And so to the results. In third place was Motu Design 03, the runner-up was Geoff Houtman 07, and the chosen design was LandLAB 01. The community-led design team congratulates Henry and Zac from LandLAB on their vision for Ponsonby Park.

Additionally, we would like to thank again ALL of the designers who submitted their work for us, pro bono. We appreciate your support, creativity, and commitment.

We now look forward to working with LandLAB on a budget for the design before formally presenting both to the Waitemata Local Board. The Board will then advocate for funding for the development of this much desired urban park.

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