Ponsonby News – April 2019 update

254 Ponsonby Road, aka Ponsonby Park, is starting the next step in becoming an inclusive, multi-use, all-weather civic open space. You, our community (which includes the local residents, businesses, and visitors to Ponsonby) told us through the Community-led Design process:

  • What you’d like to do there
  • What you’d like to have there and
  • Your preferred design


The Waitemata Local Board started the Community-led Design process and then carried the project forward last year when they lobbied Council to support the wishes of our community. Council listened and voted unanimously for the whole site civic open space at 254 Ponsonby Road.


Now detailed plans and costings are being generated. The initial development process for Stage One of Ponsonby Park will begin as soon as possible.


Stage One encompasses the car parking areas of the site and includes the existing canopy.


  • The canopy will be repurposed as an all-weather event space with the addition of living walls and a green roof.


  • The car parking areas will become a combination of permeable and impermeable-surface areas.


These areas will be able to accommodate events, markets, rest and relaxation opportunities, as well as plantings of trees, flowering plants, and other vegetation.


The neglected and shabby road frontage of the building at 254 Ponsonby Road has been endured by the community for long enough. It’s time to add some vitality and beauty, as well as civic amenity, to the site.


We all look forward to the development of this much needed and long awaited community space, starting soon.


Ponsonby Park – Bring it on!


For more information or to contact us, see our webpage: 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz

Or our Facebook page: Ponsonby Park.

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