Ponsonby News – June 2018 Update

Ponsonby Park update on Page 22 of the June 2018 edition of Ponsonby News


As this issue of the Ponsonby News goes to press, Council will be making their decisions based on the submissions received from the 10-year budget 2018-2028 and Auckland Plan 2050 consultation.


Council has already processed the feedback provided by the 10-year Budget consultation and an overview report made available in May 2018 states that;


“60% of submissions that identified the Waitemata as their home local board support a full site civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road”.


Once again the local community has endorsed the whole of the site option – as it has consistently done so for the past 4 years – with ongoing engagement, participation and an unwavering desire for this outcome.


This is unsurprising given the development of 254 Ponsonby Road was empowered by a Community-led design process. (Thank you Waitemata Local Board). The community in all its diversity has come together during these 4 years to create a solution for the development of the site that focused on the needs and desires of everyone. The chosen LandLAB design has maximised the potential of the site and has wide community support.


Elected council members will now finalise the budget in June 2018.


We are confident that council will support the community’s desire for the whole of the site civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road and that soon, we can look forward to the beginning of stage 1 of the development of Ponsonby Park – hooray!


The site was purchased in 2006 by the then Auckland City Council, after a report by Boffa-Miskell in 2000 that identified a lack of open green space in the area. And now, eighteen years later, with the intensification that has occurred in Ponsonby and Freemans Bay, coupled with the exponential growth of the inner city population, this need has only increased. Ponsonby always has been and will continue to be, a destination for people to recreate, shop, socialise and simply enjoy the heritage homes and architecture and diversity of our neighbourhood. The new civic greenspace at 254 Ponsonby Road will provide a space for everyone to meet, relax, engage and delight in all that Ponsonby has to offer. It will also provide the opportunity for more and new attractions such as a local Farmers Market (under the redesigned green roof and living walled canopy) whilst being a showcase for sustainable design and stormwater mitigation.


Thank you to EVERYONE who made a submission and we now look forward to council formally approving the budget for stage 1 of the development of Ponsonby Park at 254 Ponsonby Road.


Bring it on!


Thank you for having your say on Ponsonby Park and for supporting the LandLAB designed, whole of the site option put forward by the Waitemata Local Board as their ‘One Local Initiative’.


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