Project Control Steering Group – Update

The Project Community Steering Group (PCSG) has held 4 meetings to date.
Some pricing information from the Quantity Surveyors has been received and LandLAB has been involved, to help understand options around any required design modification(s).

The investigation of the site has shown asbestos in the second story, which will need to be removed.
There may also be additional costs around seismic strengthening that will need to be accommodated within the existing budget.
LandLAB will provide options for any design changes. These will then be taken back to YOU, the community for consultation.

The project team (Consultants and Council Officers) are creating an assessment/report (including financial, environmental, community, and cultural aspects) for any options (e.g. shortening the size of the building or rebuilding completely).

This report will be what we consult with the community with – as quickly as possible – in order to meet the PCSG deadlines.
The request for consultation feedback will be going out via our email database, our facebook pages, and this webpage.

Please feel free to share it as far and widely as possible.

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