Waitematā Local Board meeting February 18th, 2020 Resolutions

Ponsonby Park was Item #13 on the Agenda for the Waitematā Local Board meeting held on Tuesday 18th February 2020 https://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2020/02/WTM_20200218_AGN_9755.HTM

The Waitematā Local Board unanimously agreed to;

a)      endorse the Ponsonby Park detailed business case (Attachment B)

b)      approve the LandLAB concept design Option 5, 27 November 2019 as the preferred development option for 254 Ponsonby Road (Attachment A)

c)      support a report being progressed to the Finance and Performance Committee requesting $5.5 million from the One Local Initiative 10 Year Programme to enable the development of the whole site at 254 Ponsonby Road as per Option 5 27 November 2019 (Attachment A) and the detailed business case.

d)      request, subject to approval of funding, a review of the design team brief and scope prior to procurement and a workshop with the design team prior to commencement of preliminary design processes.


Attachment A – LandLAB design

Please scroll down on the link as the title page is mostly blank…


Attachment B – Business Case for Ponsonby Park


Please note

Several design options were presented for consideration as part of the preparatory investigative work by the Project Control Steering Group. However, not all options were progressed through to the final public consultation that was held at the end of 2019.

In the final public consultation, the three options presented were titled;

Option 1 – Re-mediate + Retain
Option 2 – Re-mediate + Adapt
Option 3 – New Build

In earlier iterations, Option 3 had also been labelled Option C and Option 5.

Confused? Don’t be. Option 3, Option 5 and Option C are all the SAME design concept.

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