Ponsonby Park – November Update

Ponsonby Park – November Update

The Community-Led Design (CLD) group would like to congratulate all members of the newly elected Waitematā Local Board, both returning and new. We look forward to resuming our productive and collaborative relationship with the Board as Stage One of Ponsonby Park, the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road, continues to progress towards its on-the-ground start date of July 2023.

We also extend our congratulations to Mike Lee, the new Waitematā Ward Councillor. Thank you for all of your work and support for Ponsonby Park in earlier years when you previously held this position. We look forward to re-establishing our close relationship with you.

And finally to outgoing Waitematā Ward Councillor Pippa Coom, our thanks for all of your support and involvement with Ponsonby Park over the past several years. It was your vision, as part of the Waitematā Local Board in 2015, to undertake a Community-Led Design approach to find a way through the competing ideas for the development of the site. The decision to trial a CLD process has proven itself to have been a wise choice with the CLD process fulfilling its brief and finding a middle-ground, win-win solution. One that nearly everyone (other than the most entrenched diehards) will be satisfied and pleased with. Pippa, we couldn’t have done it without you. In the years and decades to come the community will be forever grateful to you for your contribution that enabled the creation of the new civic space. Arohanui.

Ponsonby Park has received significant engagement and participation from the community demonstrating ongoing and sustained support for the project, over the years.

– 1243 people signed the initial petition to retain the entire site for the Ponsonby Park development
– 698 people responded to the WLB initial 254 Ponsonby Road consultation
– 190 people responded to the 1st CLD consultation
– 115 people responded to the 2nd CLD consultation
1208* people responded to the 3rd CLD consultation where the LandLAB Park+ concept design was chosen for the Ponsonby Park development

(* Errata in the Ponsonby News publication where only 208 were reported)

Now, 22 long years since the need for the civic space was first identified in 2000, and 16 years since the site at 254 Ponsonby Road (currently LiquorLand) was purchased in 2006 to remedy this shortfall, the CLD group and the entire community is delighted that Stage One of the Ponsonby Park development is underway. 

By mid-2023 we will have shovels in the ground as the physical on-site work swings into action for Ponsonby Park, the new civic space. 


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