Ponsonby Park – October Update

The Community-Led Design group (CLD) would like to congratulate Martin and the entire team, for 33 years of publication of the fabulous Ponsonby News. This is a long time to have survived and through many extraordinary times. For a community magazine to have done so just goes to show how much people truly do value their local community. 

The CLD group would also like to extend a warm and heartfelt thanks to Martin and the team, for their unwavering and steadfast support of Ponsonby Park through the many years that it has taken to get the project underway. We couldn’t have done it without you.

And underway we are! 

Below is the latest timeline from Council for the Ponsonby Park development.

The ‘Design consultation and procurement’ process for Ponsonby Park is already underway. As reported last month, it is hoped that by the end of November, the design company may be in place. By July next year, we will finally see physical works for Stage One of the Ponsonby Park project begin on site. 

Put it into your calendar now because there will be a celebration and everyone is invited!

After years of advocacy, consultation, presentations, submissions, and plain old hard work it is exciting for our CLD group, along with the entire community to know that we are underway with a clear focus to achieve this much-needed and desired community asset. As with the Ponsonby News magazine, Ponsonby Park again goes to show how much people truly do value their local community. 

Ponsonby Park, the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road – it’s underway.


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