The 3 options provided for consultation in the Final Survey (conducted late 2019) – detailed information.

The links below are to the detailed information provided for each of the 3 options offered for consultation, by the Community, in the ‘final consultation’. The consultation was run by the volunteer Community-Led Design group, on behalf of the Project Control Steering Group. (The Project Control Steering Group is a new governance model that is being trialed for the realisation of Ponsonby Park. It follows on from the Community-led design (CLD) work and keeps the community at the table throughout the process.

Please note each link’s first header page may appear to be blank but simply scroll down to find the detailed drawings and information.

Option 1 Re-mediate + Retain      See details here

Option 2 Re-mediate + Adapt       See details here

Option 3 New Build                        See details here

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