Vote for your favourite design! Now Closed

Here are the submitted designs for Ponsonby Park for your consideration.

Click on the RED areas for further information – design images or the written accompanying notes.


Once you’ve decided which design to vote for, please click here to cast your vote.

The Survey is open until 19 March.


01 LandLAB

02 Reset Urban Design Limited

03 Motu Design Ltd design and 03 Motu Design Ltd notes

04 White Landscape and Urbanism  and  04 Whyte Landscape and urbanism Notes

05a LA4 design and 05a LA4 notes    and  05b LA4 design and 05b LA4 notes

06 Burgess and Treep design and 06 Burgess and Treep notes

07 Geoff Houtman description and 07 Geoff Houtman and 07 Geoff Houtman

08 Allan Matson design

09 Paul Woodruffe design and 09 Paul Woodruffe notes

10 Stem Architecture layout and 10 Stem Architecture long perspective and 10 Stem Architecture long section and 10 Stem Architecture staging

11 Anna Gandy 1 and 11 Anna Gandy 2


  1. LandLAB is my favourite design providing outdoor and indoor space useful for so many different things and time of year.

  2. I dont think any of the designs in the window are all that exciting.

    A shame that the Pumpkin Patch display centre was only open for 2 weekend days so that we who could not attend could come on a week day.

    I wonder if anyone has thought of putting a car park underneath? Similar to Aotea Square? Would ease a little parking congestion – don’t you think??

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